Established in 1959, originally as Colon & Villalon, Inc. and as of 1981 as Island Stevedoring, Inc. Next year we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary! A "dream come true", founded by Mr. Pedro A. Villalon Lubrano (Tuto), and a foreman, Mr. Nicanor Colon (reducido) the company grew to become one of the most important on the island. Founding members of the Puerto Rico Shipping Association where we have always kept a very active participation. The company represents various international and domestic carriers of paper, lumber products, steel, vehicles, heavy machinery, cement, coal, and clinker. We operate at Pier "D" in Puerto Rico and have the largest waterfront warehouse in the port.


To give the most efficient services, expedite vessel discharging and cargo delivery. All the staff is service oriented.